Cubeception Infinity Kit

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This kit includes:
        - Acrylic panels
        - Small mirrored cube
        - Arduino compatible programmable circuit board 
        - APA 102 LED grid​ 
        - 44-key IR Remote
        - USB cord + Power Supply
        - Microfiber cloth
Dimensions: 8in x 6in x 6in  (203mm x 152mm x 152mm)

Shipping Weight: 5 lb
For ages 12+

Made once ordered. Takes about a week to complete. 


Infinity cubes use two-way mirrors to create an optical illusion of space that stretches on forever. This kit comes with everything you need to build a Universe of cubes. This is our blank canvas cube. Use it to build anything you can imagine! Use the included remote to choose your animation.

These cubes are built from laser-cut panels of acrylic  that snap together easily. The LEDs are addressable APA102s, meaning that each LED can be individually-controlled for beautiful, dynamic animations.

This product is designed to be an open and modifiable infinite canvas. Replace the insides of your cube to build something entirely new. You can also customize the LED animations (and learn some basic programming) using the included Arduino-compatible circuit board. Simply connect the included USB cord to any computer and use the Arduino IDE to reprogram the boards (we will be publishing a setup guide soon to help you get started).